Operation Vision Board Refresh

I’m tipsy writing this and it’s almost 1 am on Wednesday. I’m a real blogger I swear. Just not this week. This week you get pictures and inspo because I have to go to sleep. 

I bet you thought I was never going to show you a picture of my vision board. Bam! Here it is in all it’s glory. These pictures aren’t Pinterest quality but they’re mine and I love them. Like I’ve been saying a vision board should be personal to you and your visions for what you want your life to be. All the pictures you see on my vision board were printed from Walgreens. Yep, Walgreens. The notecards are handwritten and the fortunes come from actual chinese food takeout or dine in. This vision board is my life and I’m so proud of it. Below you will find a breakdown of each section.

Vision board overview

Top left to bottom right:

Dream car because I love my car but I need a more adult car to chase my dreams in. I plan to get a Tesla but until I can do that a Mercedes Benz will do.

House goals which I don’t think I need to explain. Everybody has that one house that they’ve found on Zillow or Truilia in their dream neighborhood. I will own mine!

Quotes and reminders because I always need motivation and reminders to stay on task.

My graduation card from my grandmother. This is super special to me, if there was a fire I would rip this from the board as I run my naked ass out the house. My grandmother was legally blind when she signed it which makes it even more special. It reads “set high goals and don’t stop until you reach them all.” that’s what I will always continue to do.

Fortunes and inspiration jar quote. The fortunes explain themselves, sometimes the universe sends you a message when you need it in a fortune cookie. Don’t block your messages and blessings by ignoring them.

The only thing not pictured here but shown in the overview is the blank area of my board which leaves room to add new goals and reminders as needed.

That’s it! My current vision board set up. It’s not a lot right now but as I’ve mentioned your vision board is not meant to remain the same year round, you’re suppose to add new goals and remove old ones as you accomplish or outgrow them. As I update mine I’ll let you know but I hope this brings a little bit of inspiration to you. I’m taking my ass to bed yall.

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