I feel like this is the glimpse behind the curtain. Welcome to my Emerald City, my name is Alexis and as far as your know I’m your Wizard. I’m currently surviving a quarter life crisis in Sylacauga Alabama, a small town an hour from everywhere. What triggered this crisis? Girl, let me tell you.

Rewind back to 2015 when I was fired from a job “most people would kill for” after 4 years with the company. Technically my position was eliminated but for the sake of drama we’ll say I was fired. I was two years into payments on a new car and terrified. What was going to happen next? How was I going to make my payments? Would I have to get a sugar daddy or start stripping? These were my actual options.I applied everywhere. EVERYWHERE and unfortunately I could not land a job. I don’t know if my resume skills were not appropriate (think Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.) or if being a small town college dropout meant I would forever be stuck at McDonalds. I did the responsible thing. I picked myself up and found a work from home job. The job is currently part time and that means I am still looking for ways to support my shopping problem (single black female addicted to retail) and make my car payments…. And see Beyonce on tour……. And buy Drake’s new album…. Pretty much first world problems.

So here I am, in my late twenties, without a college degree, trying to go back to school and having a quarter life crisis. I’ve found myself asking all the big questions: “Who am I?” “What is my purpose?” “Will I ever be a billionaire?” “What if Netflix goes away?” “How can I lose 40 lbs in a week?” “Where do YouTubers get their confidence? Can I buy some?” and I thought why not blog it out? Why not get the feelings out there so in a year or two you can look back and see how you’ve grown?

So here it is! Welcome to the quarter life crisis of a modern day millennial. I hope this helps someone. Even if it’s just me.