I Swear I Gained 60 lbs In A Month, Losing It Tho…….

I want to know what the universe was thinking when it decided that eating one meal will bloat you instantly, but one workout won’t make you skinnier.

I know you can lose water weight working out and that fat cells are what make you fat and they’re there forever unless you have liposuction and even then you can gain all the weight back but….. Ugh! I hope you read that in your most whiny voice because I’m definitely bitching. Weight loss is hard y’all! I’m staying far away from my scale because I know I’ll become obsessed with the number and I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. Right now it’s just me and my FitBit counting steps through life and hating every moment of it. I know a lot of people are trying to get their summer body on and I personally am trying to get my summer life on. Meaning I want to be thinner, and healthier on the beach 24/7. My life goal. Right now I’m still struggling to get in my basic 10,000 steps because the time change has me fucked up, and I hate leaving the house. These are real life excuses. I recently started working as an ‘external receptionist’ because I need steady income to fund my dreams and this means I’m on my ass 6-12 hours a day. I know this is not good but unless someone wants to donate an apartment sized standing desk this is my life. Working from home is the best move for me right now  because I’m allowed to create my own schedule for the most part and working part time means making more money per hour than I would working full time anywhere else without having to fill up my gas tank. The downside is it’s me in my room for hours on end. The good news I’m the Pinterest Queen so I’m finding workouts that use body weight and can be done at work aka my desk aka my bedroom. I don’t have much of an update this week because I am still finding my footing in the Weight Loss Olympics, good thing this is the training phase.

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