BRB I’m Building An Empire

I have to stop taking on new projects…. What can I say? I’m addicted to the hustle.

Quick Weight Loss Olympics update: I didn’t workout yesterday like I was suppose to. I spent the day trying to jump start a new project but today is the day I workout!

I’m an artist…. In some way, shape or form I love creating art. This is what drove me to styling because honestly, getting dressed is an art form. Moving on, I’m creating art on Society6…. I don’t know what I’m doing….. But I’m obsessed. I started a Society6 marketplace forever ago to sell the graphics I used on this site but of course I never marketed it, I was just waiting for ‘customers’ to come to me….. That’s not how marketing works for sure. This time I want to do more, because I am rebranding my Instagram and everything and really focusing on graphic design and photography and things being aesthetically pleasing. That being said, I’ve thrown a few basic designs up, just playing around with things but don’t be surprised if you see me recommending things from the site because I’m a huge fan of supporting artists. If you have some feedback let me know and stay tuned to my style blog for more updates on the shop.

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