It Started With A Bet! Welcome To The Diet Olympics!

-cracks knuckles- -stretches- -throws away junk food- it’s time. It is SO time. Welcome ladies and gentlemen it’s time to get shit done.

It all started with a bet, not a DietBet but an actual bet. See I have this trip coming up in August and my friends are determined to find me a bae while we’re out of town. I’m not trying to date but I’m also trying to be desirable. I want the option of being single if you feel me. Anyway! I’ve managed to gather a pretty competitive group of friends and because of that we keep making stupid bets and trying to out do each other. This one might take the cake. The goal is, starting today, is to lose 50 lbs before August. Now this is ambitious but nowhere near impossible if I just get my ass in gear. The Olympics part of this is the fact that we’re setting activity goals along the way. Who can track the most steps each month, who can keep track of their water intake, most percentage of weight lost, who goes the longest without a trip to ┬áTaco Bell or Chick Fil A, little things like that. The winner is of course the person who wins the most categories so I thought this would be a fun game to play with you guys also. Friday I will post an official ‘score sheet’ and if you want to print it and join along then feel free to. The prize has not been determined but make sure that you have your own prize in mind and are ready for the closing ceremony. Consider today and tomorrow your call to action to get all the junk food, and binge watching out of the way because Friday morning is your official start. Who says you need a new year or month to start a health journey? Good luck and stay tuned!

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