Another Vice….

-Casually sliding February’s goals into March- also, it’s March y’all.

I took a week off because this past two weeks have been bananas. I don’t want to go into it now but there hasn’t been much sleep, tons of junk food, some vegan snacks, and tons of scheduling. -exhales- I’ve also gotten some cardio in which is reminding me that I need to start working out again. Like full on. I’m too damn young to feel this exhausted. Today’s post isn’t going to be much just me realizing I need to find a healthy way to channel my unhealthy habits. Working out is definitely going to replace something but I feel like I need to replace all my vices at once. I watch too much tv, I eat too much junk food, I bite my nails, I’m overly sensitive, and I procrastinate. Working out is not going to replace all of that. I have picked up some new things into my schedule which means I don’t have time to do some things but I definitely need to actually start planning my life out. So, that being said, I’m bringing you guys along for the ride. (I know, you didn’t ask for this but here you are.)

This ride is brought to you by the sun which is back in our lives even though winter isn’t over. I’m definitely feeling much better with the added sunlight. I’m motivated to go out into the world and make the most of things and to try new things. Spoiler alert, if you haven’t checked out my style blog, now would be a great time to check out the content that is already there because I have a feeling that there is about to be an explosion of content. Just saying.

Sorry today’s post is short but it has been rough and all I want to do is sleep. I’m determined to find a groove though.

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