This Blog Is Cheaper Than Therapy

It costs me $13 a year to keep this domain, my insurance premium is six times that a month.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest pinning plus size fashion, looking for fashion inspiration, or finding easy vegan recipes in hopes of revamping my closet and life. So far I’ve purchased two new pairs of workout pants and I’ve been meat free for two days. The past couple of days have been crazy… I don’t know if I’ve discussed this but I have this feeling that I’m going to die this year. It’s morbid, I know, but something feels off. Something feels very final about this year and I don’t know if I’m in my head about it or if it’s a premonition, I’m just freaking out and having a bit of anxiety. This final feeling has been amped by the fact that I’ve had two days worth of ‘near death’ experiences. Again, they may just be coincidences but the fact that they’ve happened two days in a row, and two different scenarios just creep me out. I’ve never wanted to live my life with regrets but I don’t feel ready to go…… I’m not scared of dying because I know death is inevitable but I would like to see the northern lights first… Get a college degree, see the Eiffel Tower and marry someone who shares my views on the universe. All I’m saying is I have goals….. I have so much to do and I know that I don’t want this year to be the end and I haven’t accomplished any of them. So, if you’re reading this, take it as a call to action. Do something today that you can mark off your bucket list or something that starts the process. ┬áBig or small your goals are your own and they won’t come true without you. Good luck.

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