Selling Out Without Selling Your Soul #Advice

90% of what you see on the internet is paid advertising. This number may not be accurate.

It seems like the warmer the weather gets the more advertisers tap influencers for paid sponsorships and endorsements. This is just a reminder to the up and coming class of newbies that you do not have to change your content, style or the way you speak to get a company to notice you. The second you change for the sake of a buck is the moment you stop being true to your audience. Your audience is the reason you given the opportunity to flaunt your curves in the name of skinny tea or whip your weave back and forth for the sake of gummy bear hair vitamins. Staying you and continuing to follow along with content you love is the easiest way to make sure companies that are a right fit for your “brand” find you. I know this post isn’t long but I’ve seen so many #AD #Sponsored #GotItFree #Paid posts lately that I thought I would take the time to speak on it. If you’re interested in being sponsored don’t hesitate to reach out to a company and ask to work with them. Also, know your worth and don’t take less than what you’re owed. Happy hoeing (yourself out for the sake of endless vacations, expensive hair tools, and chance celebrity retweet)!

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