Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Suck If You’re Single (and love yourself)

Guess what the fuck I chose not to be yesterday?! Bitter.

Yep you read that right. I spent the day pampering my favorite person, myself. Honestly? I encourage you to do the same any time you are feeling shitty about yourself. If you’re single for Christmas: spoil yourself. St. Patrick’s Day? Spoil yourself. Tuesday? Spoil yourself. Just got your income taxes back? Spoil. Your.Self. How does one spoil themselves on these occasions? How ever you see fit. Here is a list of things I did for myself.

Bonus tip: After you’re done reading this, go get that discounted candy. You deserve it.

My Spoiled Valentine’s Day

  1. I worked out. Yep, like full on got my body moving, tons of sweating, and feeling gross in a good way. What better day to start a new habit than one dedicated to love. BOOM!
  2. I took an amazing shower. I even used essential oils so the vapor would open my sinuses (peppermint oil for the win), I used my body scrub and turned on my in shower speaker. It was an experience. After that I used my fancy lotion (we all have fancy lotion right?) and put on my Hello Kitty robe and proceeded to tackle the day.
  3. Speaking of tackling the day I practiced my fingerspelling. While practicing I had an epiphany (that’s my favorite word, hands down) that while I’m spelling I should also be learning the sign to go with it. So thanks to ASLPro I’m learning actual signs. I’m calling it, fluent by the end of the year.
  4. I drank tons of water and peed all day. At least I got my water in.
  5. I did a face mask
  6. My mom bought me an ice cream cake which is one of my favorite things.
  7. I sorta started a new project (I know, I know.)

That was my day! I really did not want to leave the house because I didn’t want to surround myself with all the lovey dovey, couple situations that would be happening so I didn’t. I really want to hear from you guys about how you celebrated if you’re single. I hope the day wasn’t a complete loss for you and did some of your favorite things and not dwelling on what you didn’t have.

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