What 2016 Taught Me

 I had plans on publishing this January 1st but as you can tell that didn’t happen. The lessons still apply. Happy reading.

This is going to be a long post. Grab a snack and come back.

2016 was a hell of a year and affected a lot of us. I was watching “spiritual” YouTuber and she mentioned that in numerology 2016 is represented by the number 9 which represents endings and that easily sums up my year. I wanted to start the year with a recap of things I embraced in 2016.

  1. Photo editing is an artform: People get so much shit for photoshopping their photos and I think a lot of it is because it’s done so badly but the actual process of editing photos is insane. Even making the featured photos that I use on this blog takes 2 separate apps. Working with tones, sizes and quality for “professionally” shot Instagram photos can sometimes involve 2 computers depending on your needs, multiple apps, and a decent camera. Getting a photo right can take 5 minutes to 2 hours. Think about this the next time you’re admiring someone’s feed.
  2. Nerding out is 100% normal: My obsession with photo editing is proof of that. My other hobbies include basic coding, crafting, holistic medicine, jewelry making, documentaries, musicals, and baking. I swear this isn’t a dating profile. It was this year that I realized how much I enjoy these basic things and how it’s okay to be nerdy. My nerdy side is adorable and I don’t care if people don’t like her. I refuse to hide it. Embrace your quirky side in 2017 you will thank yourself.
  3. Alone time is necessary: New Year’s Eve was the perfect example of this. I had two sets of plans to be out and about and greeting the new year properly but I went from being full of energy the first part of the day to crashing and taking a nap that evening which is unheard of for me because I stopped sleeping this year. All I wanted to do that night was sleep. I don’t know if it was cosmic and the shifting of one year to another or if I was just tired but it felt so good to just veg out and watch Kathy Griffin torture Anderson Cooper.
  4. Asking for help is crucial: This lesson was a hard one….. I really reached my breaking point in 2016 and realized that asking for help is not a death sentence. This is one thing I will forever be grateful for.
  5. Wounds don’t always heal properly. Don’t reopen them in an attempt to make them better: I had this misconception that I needed closure to move on from a situation when in reality, nothing good comes from reaching out to someone from your past. I realized that the security of having someone isn’t always a positive thing and not something that needs to continue in the new year.
  6. There is so much freedom on the other side of fear: I feel like this one speaks for itself…. I definitely embraced fear this year.
  7. Binge watching your favorite show, ordering pizza, and drinking tea are all forms of self care: In a world that may seem dark, finding the things that genuinely make you happy is the best form of self care and rejuvenation.
  8. Being someone’s someone should not be your only goal: Relationships are amazing and can teach you so much but you have to realize that belonging to someone is not your only option and that it’s okay to single. You belong to yourself first and always.
  9. The sun on your skin is great medicine: Besides the vitamin D, being out with the warmth on your skin can rejuvenate your mental wellbeing. Of course, wear your sunscreen!
  10. But, still take your vitamins!: Definitely still take your vitamins.
  11. Weight gain will sneak up on you: Make sure you’re exercising and eating well because you’ll wake up one day and be 30lbs heavier. Trust me.
  12. Sunsets are magical: By far the best part of 2016 was discovering the love of the setting sun and the magic that comes with it.

Looking forward to 2017 I hope you take the magic and lessons from 2016 and apply them to create a new beginning. Happy New Year and good luck with all that you do.


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