It’s Not Over….

Today was suppose to be a vision board update but I don’t have the heart to work on it. By now we have all had a chance to process the outcome of last night’s Presidential Election and all I can say is wow. I won’t go into details about my thoughts because what’s done is done and we now have to accept the consequences.

What I will say is now is not the time to be silent. Now is the time to question your new state legislators, make sure your concerns are heard and make sure they are following through with their promises. If the state representatives you voted for didn’t win then rally around them. Encourage them to continue to work in the community and encourage them to run again. Make sure you read up on the proposed Amendments to your state’s constitution. These are the changes that directly affect your everyday life. Finally make sure none of your representatives run unopposed. Under no circumstances should you be given one choice on a ballot. This is unacceptable, everyone should be given an option to support a candidate that shares the same values as them.

At the end of the day do not sit back and be silent. There are people who don’t think protests work, they are mistaken. There are people who think you should sit down and accept results, this is not true. Do not stop fighting for the values that matter to you. I’m encouraging everyone with a thought out plan, everyone with a vision, and everyone with a drive to run for an office. Now is our time Millennials to make a change. Run for mayor, governor, senator, even President. Let the generations before and after us know that we are here and we will not be silenced.

I will be back to regular posts on Tuesday and there will be a vision board update on Thursdays. Keep your head up and keep moving forward.

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