Self Care Is The Best Care #YearOfYou

So if you follow me on Twitter then you know that Sunday was a pretty rough day for me. I’m still going through a breakup and Sunday was not a good day. 

Luckily I have friends who tend to swoop in at the right time for the intervention. I had an amazing time Saturday with my bff at the aquarium in Atlanta, Ga. We had planned to go to the zoo and the aquarium but traffic and lack of time management did not allow both to happen. It was so much fun but on a tourist note the Chattanooga Aquarium is much better and offers more exhibit wise. Also I watched the movie Blackfish a year ago and the dolphin show may have caused some tears. Anyway! Sunday after having an emotional morning I ended up at my favorite restaurant (P.F Chang if you’re new here) and then I went to see the Trolls movie. Spoiler alert the soundtrack is the best part of the movie and if you have Amazon Prime it’s available on Amazon Music. There wasn’t enough “adult” humor to satisfy anyone over the age of 6 but the music was enough to keep me entertained. I hope everybody had a great weekend and that you’re all continuing to find what makes you happy. I do want to offer one last tip. If you’re in Atlanta for a weekend DEFINITELY BUY THE CITY PASS TICKET. It allows you to see the touristy things at a steep discount. I will be back here Thursday with an update on my vision board!

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