Time To Tackle Those Vision Boards #YearOfYou

How many of you made vision boards at the beginning of the year with the intent of manifesting everything on them? I see, all of us, that’s okay that’s what we wanted. How many of you have refreshed and updated your vision board as you accomplished things or your goals changed? Not so many of us I bet. Well consider this your call to action to do just that. Today we start Operation Vision Board Refresh.

My current vision board

Meet my vision board! she is a jumbled mess of a lot of things but she is directly in front of my bed which means she is the first thing I see every morning. To summarize her for you I have some quotes that keep me going, a list of books I wanted to read, a picture of Trisha Paytas because her body is goals for me, a beach picture and a city scene because I love to travel. This vision board served its purpose but it stopped inspiring me along the way. It faded into the background and I found myself not being drawn to it. This is where Operation Vision Board Refresh comes into play. This is not my first update on my vision board. This will actually be the third time I update it but if you’re reading this know that’s okay. Your vision board isn’t meant to be set in stone. It is suppose to grow and change with you. A vision board is meant to help you envision your dream life and whether you admit it or not that life changes. If you’re like me, it changes constantly. I have prepared a list of tasks to make Operation Vision Board Refresh a success for you. Good luck and happy visioning.

Start out with a blank canvas

Start by removing everything from your board. Strip it down to the bare basics and try to focus on what you want to accomplish. Take a couple of days and put together a list of goals. It’s okay to stare at your blank canvas, that in itself can be a source of motivation.

img_0963Use several different mediums

Print out pictures, write out lists, paint something,  add jewelry, do something that will make your space more than one dimensional. The more creativity you put in the more you’re going to feel connected to it.

Make it interactive

My biggest problem with my vision board was I was not interacting with it daily or even weekly. It was a source of inspiration but not interaction. The setup I’m currently working on includes things that I can check off and places where I can write in thoughts. It is more or less going to be a public journal.

Make your goals realistic

Sure, winning the lottery and making yourself $14,000,000 richer sounds great but lets not leave that up to the universe. Place small goals such as saving $500 and bigger goals such as buying a house on your board.

The whole point of the vision board (drink every time I’ve said that in this post) is to focus on telling the universe what you want and to manifest it. I will update you guys on my progress Thursday. Good luck this week to gathering your supplies and remember this isn’t a race.


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