Hello November #YearOfYou

I just wanted to jump in and say that I want to adopt a Tuesday & Thursday schedule for this blog. I’ve been working on improving myself and I’m learning that it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all of myself in a post. Sitting down and summarizing everything in my head is definitely a learning process. So, here is a catch up of the last week of my life.


I’m cutting out fast food, soda, and carbs. …. AKA I’m making myself miserable. The good thing is I’m forcing myself to cook more which I had stopped doing. A 20 lb weight gain is nothing to play with. Also, I’m currently not restricting myself to a “vegan” diet while I do this. I’ve always supported the ethical reasons behind being vegan but the cooking for some reason seems to be a problem. I don’t want to discourage myself when something doesn’t turn out right. SO I’m practicing and working my way back to a vegan lifestyle.

Twitter Ranting

For those of you who don’t know I am pretty active on Twitter. I live tweet a few shows and I rant about random things. If you’re interested in following me I am @RoseNiicole and the shows that I live tweet are:

Tuesday: This Is Us 8-9

Wednesday: Empire 8-9 Queen Sugar 9-10

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy 7-8 How To Get Away With Murder 9-10

Sunday: 90 Day Fiance 7-8 Insecure 9:30-10 (90 Day Fiance does a weird after show 90 Day Fiance More To Love where they cover the previous season. I sometimes cover that too but as soon as Insecure comes on I’m done.)

The rest of the week it’s just me ranting about things like the other night I was up at 4 am talking about global warming.

Chasing Sunsets

This is my favorite thing. This is the time of day where I venture out into the world and catch the last drops of the day. I’ve always loved the fire and passion of sunsets. The way they light up the sky before night takes over excites me. I’ve been spending my evenings watching the sky burn into darkness while clearing my head and just driving. This practice renews my faith in the day to come.

Rose Gold

I’ve been obsessed with this color for a while and now it seems like it’s everywhere. I’m speaking a jewelry line into existence and the focus is going to be rose gold. I’ve already made a couple of pieces and I’m trying to figure out what I like.

So that has been my week. I hope you guys stick around during the two day a week schedule and I’m sorry if it disappoints anyone. This schedule is going to be better for my mental health in the long run.

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