27 Things I Will NOT Be Accomplishing At 27 #YearOfYou

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Today is my 27th birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate!

(While you’re reading this I’m probably already out celebrating)

So, every year I make a list of __ Things I Want To Accomplish At __. It usually serves as a brain dump of all the things I want to speak into existence and even though I usually don’t revisit them it just feels good to get it all out. This year is different. I’ve had one of those years where I’ve been forced to reflect on what I don’t want in my presence. I’m trying so hard to be as productive as possible and I need to eliminate some things. So, with that being said, here are 27 things I will not be doing at 27.

1. Getting Married

I am newly single. I am coming out of an 8 year relationship I’m not even trying to date right now. I’m not looking for a new boo, I don’t want to be set up. I’m not the one, not this year, we can be friends though…. #NewFriendsMayApply

2. Getting Pregnant

See number one. I know I’m 27, I know my “clock is ticking”,  I know you think my life will be lonely without kids, I know my life doesn’t start until I have them. Keep all those opinions to yourself I’m not the one.

3. Continuing My Natural Hair Journey

-sigh- So let me tell you this story: I dyed my hair red in 2013 MULTIPLE TIMES. I then proceeded to relax my hair and my hair proceeded to fall out. Like it should have because I was terrible to it. After that happened I cut what was left off and went to wigs exclusively. Over the course of the past 3 years I’ve cut my hair multiple times and have struggled with keeping my hair healthy. I’m so done with being natural. I’m going to go back to relaxing my hair and I can’t even be mad about it.

4. Continuing My Relationship With Unnecessary Carbs

When I tell you my  love affair with carbs is a problem I literally mean it’s a problem. Breakfast: oatmeal, Lunch: sandwich with chips, Dinner: something with rice and that sounds fine for the most part but my body does not like carbs. I bloat almost instantly and feel like I need to take a nap. So I’m currently exploring other meal options that don’t require me to spend so much time with the devil’s candy.

5. Saying No To Things That Scare Me

This past weekend I watched Shonda Rhimes on Soul Sunday with Oprah and she was talking about her year of yes. This inspired me to stop saying no to things that I spike my anxiety.

6. Labeling My Diet

Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, whatever.

7. Making Excuses

“Oh sorry I slept too late” “I can’t it’s raining” “I’m sorry I didn’t see your text”. Yeah, lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.

8. Isolating Myself

I go days without human contact because I am usually researching for this blog or just procrastinating. The joys of working from home. I have to start leaving the house once a day even if it’s just for a drink…. Otherwise cabin fever sets in.

9. Procrastinating

Do I really have to explain this one?

10. Setting A Routine, Breaking It, Giving Up Routines, Setting New Ones

I have a horrible relationship with routines that I need to fix. I need to fix that

-The rest of these are going to be brought to you without commentary-

11. Comparing myself to others

12. Holding my tongue

13. Biting my nails

14. Neglecting writing

15. Mindless shopping

16. Staying awake until 4 am like it’s no big deal

17. Not learning anything new for days on end

18. Ignoring my emotional needs

19. Not getting in 10,000+ steps a day

(I’m a fucking adult. How is this not possible?!)

20. Taking 3 days to put away laundry. ^

21. Spending half the day watching YouTube videos then complaining that there isn’t enough time to do anything else

22. Allowing other people to control my happiness

23. Emotional eating

24. Ignoring clutter

25. Letting all that expensive makeup I had to have to just sit in a drawer because I’m too lazy to do it.

26. Being lazy

27. Letting one moment of self doubt derail the entire mission

So there you have it. 27 things that I will not be doing at 27. I’m looking forward to this journey and I hope you guys will continue to follow me. I feel like I say this in every blog post but hey it is what it is. Good luck on your own journey and try to make this year an amazing year of growth and adventure.

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