Lesbians Have The Worst Breakups #storytime

I wanted to do a deep post about how I was surviving and offer some words of wisdom on dealing with a breakup but I can’t. I can’t because I’m still in the middle of it all. 

I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and during the bumpy times of my relationship I thought I was Arizona. *spoiler alert in case you want to catch up on the show. This is a season 8 reference.* I thought I was the one that the bad things always happen to. I was the one who lost a leg, I was the one who survived a plane crash, I was the one who sought emotional comfort in someone else. I spent a lot of time identifying with her anger and her feelings of betrayal. 

Honestly? I had an entire story ready to go but while writing it I was relayed information about my ex that kinda ruined the rest of my day. I’m over it now but this post didn’t seem appropriate after the fact. Breakups are horrible. When you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone and have taken most of the steps towards that it really changes your life path when your happily ever after doesn’t happen. I could give you advice on how to stay guarded and protect yourself just in case it happens but that won’t work. If you go through life scared to fully give yourself to someone then you will find yourself isolated. The best advice for a breakup? Take time to grieve. Don’t stalk them on social media, don’t tell a friend to stalk them, don’t lay in bed wishing things were like they use to be. Live your life. Go out, do things you enjoy, surround yourself with people you enjoy, don’t be scared to try something new. Get out of your comfort zone, spend time doing things you didn’t do with your former bae. Most importantly, do not let anyone tell you that the way you handling the breakup is wrong. Unless you go all Beyonce and smash in car windows and fire hydrants. Don’t do that.

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