“Oh my gosh you’re pregnant too?!”

Let me just say, we have reached the second pregnancy season of the year and I’m over it already.

I’m going to start drinking when someone new tells me they’re pregnant. Right in front of them, I’m not kidding. There are 4 people in my life who are expecting and it’s driving me crazy because my mother is still looking at me with those begging eyes and I’m over here trying to get my life together. I haven’t even decided if I like kids. I don’t even have a dog. I mean I love dogs, I want one but I know I can’t be held responsible for one. Imagine that kind of complacency with a child. Thanks but no thanks. I like doing what I want, when I want without needing a babysitter. Plus babies and dogs are expensive and I’m trying to get out of debt before I think about being responsible enough to have something depend on me. It’s not happening this year, probably next year either.  We have to stop putting pressure on women to have kids now like can this not wait? I’m 26 and people are always shocked that I don’t have kids yet. I’m only 26! If you img_0801finished high school ready to push a human out your womb then you go Glenn Coco that is not me. I have a friend who is killing herself to be “in shape to have a baby”. She had weight loss surgery and now it’s all she would talk about. “I can finally wear cute clothes!” “I can finally get pregnant!” “All I ever wanted was to be a mommy!” I’m a good friend so I would smile and tell her how good of a mom she would be but when her comments spilled over into my uterus….. That was a different story. I can only bite my tongue for so long and that’s probably why we don’t talk anymore. I made a comment about her “new husband” because her current one is shit and she went off. Sorry not sorry. If you’re currently childless and people keep dropping hint bombs all over you just tell them you’re saving yourself for marriage. If you’re married then tell them you’re waiting to see how this election turns out. If you’re the friend dropping hints I hope you drop your pumpkin spice latte. Humble yourself and stay out of other people’s uteruses. This post has been a rambling mess but so is my life. Tomorrow’s post is a guide on how to start your week out on a positive note so stay tuned for that.

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